Horsegram Microgreens

Horsegram microgreens are superfoods, that have tremendous nutritive value and fitness benefits. They are highly recommended to be added to your regular diet for complete health care.


Horsegram microgreens are full of proteins, fiber, sodium, iron, magnesium, and vitamins A, E, and C. 

Adding horse gram microgreens to your diet will give you so many health benefits, including bone and digestive health improvement. Also, horse gram microgreens help to prevent anemia and diabetes.


You can incorporate horse gram microgreens to parantha, dosa, etc. as an ingredient, as a garnish, or as a fresh salad. So many other ways are also can be practiced. Eat a fresh form is the best way.

Horsegram Microgreen Recipes

Horsegram microgreen parantha                                                  Horsegram microgreen snacks

Different curries with horse gram microgreens                          Horsegram microgreen stir fry