A Spicy Boost to Your Diet. Recipes with Fenugreek Microgreens.

Fenugreek/Methi microgreens are one of the highly nutritious and popular microgreens in Indian cuisine. We know their nutritional qualities and health benefits well. But, you may have a problem.

How we incorporate fenugreek microgreen to our diet? How we use fenugreek microgreens?

You don’t have to worry anymore. Today we are going to solve your problem and provide you with a few precious ideas to use fenugreek microgreens. Here we give you very few examples. Don’t restrict them. You can use fenugreek microgreen in numerous methods. The spiciness and crunchiness of fenugreek microgreens will suit for many types of foods that you are eating day today.

Potato fry with fenugreek microgreens

Dhal curry with fenugreek microgreens

Sandwich with fresh fenugreek microgreens

You can try fenugreek microgreen pizza, pasta, noodles, burgers, and so on. Go through our collection and make your best microgreen dish ever.

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