DIY Home Microgreen Set Up. It’s Amazing..!!

Our SnS microgreens farm is looking for various microgreen growing techniques, new systems, and new microgreen types these days. We are always inspired by the interest of people in microgreens that is increasing rapidly nowadays due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Since microgreens are highly nutritious, healthy, and fight against diseases by improving the immunization of the body, the demand for microgreens has increased.

Are You Excited to Know About Our New Microgreen Set Up?

We reduced our space requirement to a really small area with this setup. The structure was established in the vertical direction to get the maximum use of space. In our scenario, we attached the setup to the wall. It is also possible to attach it to any rigid structure.

Microgreens trays were attached to the vertical pole making sure no mutual shading between trays. Artificial lighting can be provided in between microgreens for a better light interception.

It is better to limit the number of trays in one individual setup to 5-7 trays. Otherwise, the management will be much difficult. Since we provide all the inputs artificially (i.e. Irrigation) if our trays are established at a manageable height, that would be much easier.

Black plastic trays will be ideal for this because it is light in weight and black color improves the root of emerging microgreens. Since the setup establishes in a vertical direction and high air circulation, media gets dry quite quickly. So watering is needed at least three times per day. If you live in a climate that has higher humidity or in the rainy season, watering once per day will be enough. It’s better to check the media moisture before add water. Simply by touching the media with a bare hand, you can feel the moisture level in the media.

When considering the growing media that we are going to use in this setup, it is better to use a media that is somewhat light in weight. It will cause handling much easier and improve the durability of the setup.

What Will Be Special Benefits?

We can reduce the horizontal space requirement by 1/3rd of the actual requirement. So this setup gives a higher production per unit area which increases the productivity.

Since the setup is planned for a vertical axis, air circulation across the plants and trays will be much higher compared to conventional method. So the disease (i.e. fungal) spreading will become almost about zero.

Also due to better air circulation, heat generation across the plants will be minimized and it reduces the plant stress. In overall scenario, this setup will improve the microenvironment of the microgreens that will give you best quality microgreens.

This setup doesn’t need any special technical knowledge except a little basic idea about plant growth. Also, this method doesn’t need any costly items and technologies. This is a simple and high-cost effective method of growing microgreens even in your home. Establishing this kind of simple microgreen setup in your home will give you a lot of benefits. As a hobby and as a stress-relieving activity, this will be a great opportunity. Even for kids, this will be a new experience that will improve your kid’s mental health as well as educational knowledge about nature and plants. Growing microgreens in this kind of simple setup will also be a meditation as well as a medication to your family and simultaneously, providing healthy, nutritious microgreens to your daily diet.

We are going to update you about the progress of this introducing microgreen setup from time to time. Stay tuned with us.

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