Healthy Diet with Wheatgrass Microgreens

Wheatgrass microgreens are considered as one of the highly nutritious and healthy microgreens. So in the world, it is highly popular especially among cancer people and people who in obese. Although most people misjudge this as a sprouted seedling, scientists have identified it as a microgreen that describes wheatgrass very correctly.

We can use wheatgrass microgreens in various types of dishes. Both fresh and processed forms are really healthy. Some people use wheatgrass drinks or smoothies daily with the special target of weight loss.

Today we gathered some interesting wheatgrass microgreen recipes. Try out them. And design your own wheatgrass microgreen recipe.

  • · Wheatgrass Microgreen Smoothie and Salad

  • · Wheatgrass Sourdough Bread

  • · Wheatgrass Chutney and Pudina

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