New Event of SweetNSpicy Microgreens - Agrini Gated Community, Madurai

After a quite long time, we started our on-ground events again with the special event at Agrini Gated Community, Madurai. Although due COVID-19, there was some travel restrictions, our on-ground events were put on hold for a while. But now, we started again with fresh mind. We were able to try some new microgreen types (cowpea microgreens, greengram microgreens, and horsegram microgreens) during the travel restricted period and they were also there in this event.

We were at Agrini Gated Community, Madurai on 11th July from 9.00 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.. We experienced a great time there even the sales were little lower than previous events. People from the Agrini Gated Community in Madurai were very interested in our products and we had high expectations for our future sales. We are very grateful those people, who were interest in our products and gave us their valuable feedbacks.

Mr. A. Aravindhan at Agrini Gated Community, Madurai
Our fresh, healthy, and organic microgreens

Since we had a great experience at Agrini Gated Community, Madurai event, we hope to have events there twice or thrice per month and expect to give fresh, healthy, and organic microgreens to our nation. We always think of your health. Stay tuned with SweetNSpicy microgreens.

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