Our First Vertical Farm for Microgreens

Happy News!!! We have established our microgreen rack setup in our new home. In our previous blog, we inform you about our arrival to new SweetNSpicy microgreens home. Today we take another new step of our journey.

Considering better management and the quality of our microgreens, we have developed this setup. Rack setup consists of 4 layers and LED grow lights.

We limited only to 4 layers of racks due to the easiness of management. Go beyond 4 layers will cause troubles in management practices to microgreen trays in the upper most layer. So then, poor management will produce poor quality products. To get rid of this problem, we limited to 4 layers of racks. Our full setup can hold 45 microgreen growing racks at a time. As you can see, this vertical arrangement of growing trays has save our space up to a greater level.

Each and every layer contains growing lights that are really helpful for growth of microgreens. High quality lighting produces high quality microgreens. Here we have used T5 LED tube lights with 2800K temperature. 2800K is best for microgreen growth. Too high temperatures cause abnormalities in growth of microgreens. With the use of LEDs in our setup, we will be able to reduce our electricity requirement and will increase our profits. White color emission that produced by LED bulbs has a greater ability to increases the productivity of microgreens by increasing the photosynthesis.

As a whole, our new setup will be really effective for our production. We are happy to share our experiences with our new setup in the future as well. Be with us.

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