Super Excite To Try Our New Microgreens

SweetNSpicy Microgreens do experiments with new microgreens every time. Here is our story about that.

During last several months, we tried some new microgreens at SweetNSpicy Microgreens. At the beginning we produced Fenugreek, Alfalfa, Beetroot, Radish, and Mustard Microgreens.

With the high demand and our interest, we tried some new microgreens as Cowpea, Greengram, and Horsegram microgreens. It’s an amazing experience to share with you that we abled to obtain a super healthy microgreens with high amounts. This time, we are going to try some new microgreen types. They include two amaranthus types that are Amaranthus Red and Amaranthus Red Garnet. And also some interesting Italian spice herbs that are Parsley, Basil, and Oregano.

Our New Seeds

Both Amaranthus types are supposed to have reddish plant parts and Red Garnet Amaranthus is going to be a more reddish than Red type. We hope that they will give a luxury appearance to our dishes.

Red Garnet Amaranthus Microgreens
Red Amaranthus Microgreens

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Italian spice herb microgreens are supposed to have unique tastes, ease of use, and increase the aesthetic appearance of dishes as well.

Basil Microgreens Parsley Microgreens Oregano Microgreens

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Super excite to try these amazing microgreens and see the growth performance and how the demand is going to be.

Are you excited as well? Keep in touch with us. We promise to keep update you on our activities with these little greenies. We will be updating you via our website ( and our Social Medias ( ,


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