SweetNSpicy Microgreens at Yaadhum Healthy Food Market (March 2021)

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Another special big day for SweetNSpicy Microgreens. It a pleasure to announce our first participation at Yaadhum Healthy Food Market at 21st Sunday at Triveni school.

Happy to see our products at Yaadhum Healthy Food Market

This great event was conducted by Yaadhum. There you can meet people who value your passion, buy various types of healthy foods, and eat healthy foods and products.

Mr. A.Aravindhan with Mrs. Shilpa Krishnan

Mr. A. Aravindhan with Mrs. Amenda; Owner of Teddy Exports Thirumangalam

Aravindhan, who is our head of operations and growth, is participating on behalf of SweetNSpicy Microgreens. In our stall, you can buy our fresh and organically produced microgreen there itself or you can meet Aravindhan at our and place your orders.

Super fresh, organic, and super healthy SweetNSpicy Microgreens products

We will participate in Yaadhum events regularly on this point onwards. Meet us at Yaadhum events and grab your special SweetNSpicy Microgreens products. Stay tuned With SweetNSpicy Mcrogreens at Yaadhum.

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