SweetNSpicy Microgreens Meet Their First Customers

It is a pleasure to inform you that, our first sample microgreens packages are released and they are now available in the market. Sample packages were shipped to our first customers and several nearby shops in Madurai.

We use a transparent, round shape containers to pack our microgreens since customers can see them well. So by looking also customers can get an idea about the freshness of our products.

Our business card and the pamphlet also got amazing responses from customers.

They really appreciated the content on the pamphlets since they give a brief but thorough idea about microgreens. Most especially, having pamphlets in two different languages (English & Tamil) gets good responses from all.

They said that they were highly motivated to buy our microgreens continuously due to the specialty of our microgreens. SweetNSpicy microgreens are organically produced, fresh and healthy microgreens that are incomparable.

Don’t be late to place your order in SweetNSpicy microgreens. We will deliver fresh, organic, and super healthy microgreens to your doorstep.

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