The Story of Radish Microgreens

Radish microgreens are found to be one of the easiest and quickest microgreens to grow. So many people like to start growing microgreens with radish microgreens.

Almost all the steps including seed handling, germination, and harvesting are much easier with radish microgreens. Little bigger seed size and the predominant color compared to other microgreen seeds have made these radish microgreens grow easily. Within a very short period, radish microgreen harvest can be obtained.


Growing steps

Step 1 – As always, initial soaking is the most important step at the beginning. It will really help our microgreens to jumpstart their germination process. First 2 days, you will not see much change in your setup. But the drastic water level reduction can be observed in your microgreen tray which is normal. It is better to maintain the temperature around microgreen trays at about 60-80F.

Step 2 – By 3rd day, you will see seeds start to grow. At that time you can supply some darkness to microgreens because it improves the rooting of your microgreens. It also encourages the microgreens to grow a little longer since they are looking for light. You can provide darkness for about 24-36 hours. It’s enough.


Step 3 – By 4-5th day you can remove the darkness and allow radish microgreens to get better airflow and light. Better light absorption increases both the internal and external quality of your microgreens. Make sure to keep the moisture content at the correct level of your microgreen trays. Don’t allow your microgreens to dry.

Step 4 – Within only 6 days, radish microgreens become taller. They are growing super faster. By 7 days microgreens become bright green and about 4 inches in height. Now it’s time to harvest these beautiful tiny greens. No need to rinse your microgreens before use because they are super clean at the harvesting.

How to Eat Radish Microgreens?

As radish microgreens are easy to grow, they also very flavorful. Radish microgreens add a peppery, little spicy, and crunchy flavor. So it will give a nice bite to your pizza, sandwich, taco, soup, etc. Radish microgreens are also a very good filling ingredient.


Eating radish microgreens give you protein, minerals, folic acid, and vitamin (A, B6, C, E, K) at very high levels. Also, radish microgreens have the anticancer ability and it reduces hot flashes during Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) and menopause, induces weight loss, and improves the immune function in your body.

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